Policenauts Trailers

Here are the trailers taken from the Policenauts Private Collection. These trailers show, just as the Snatcher trailer, that Kojima hasn't lost his style with time.

This is a demonstration trailer from ther Tokyo Game show from 1994, for the Policenauts PC-9821 version of the game. Notice the stills and general style used, as well as the talking faces at the bottom. Here is the direct link.
This version has the final Konami logo used in the game, and is way more a Kojima trailer. It is from the Policenauts 3DO version and thus It also has the anime sequences, 3d and final look of the game. The next generation of "Snatcher". Here is the direct link at google video.
This is the trailer included in the Sega Saturn version of the game, it is displayed after the title screen and has a lot more scenes from the game. Here is the direct link.

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