1G Pack

A type of meal pack sold at the Maximum fast food restaurant chain. This is the standard pack, containing food and drink designed for consumption under 1G. There are two types of packages sold in space – the 1G Pack and the Zero G Pack. The 1G Pack is only available for limited periods of time on Beyond Coast, and because its contents are imported from outside the colony, the carbonated beverages normally found in it are substituted with simpler alternatives; therefore, this version differs from the 1G Pack sold on Earth.

Dave Forrest hopes to one day try the Earth version of the 1G Pack.

3D AV entertainment system
Culture and Sports / Information and Communications / Society / Technology

An audio-visual entertainment system developed in the 21st century featuring a 3D sound map run through a VR system during playback, offering a vivid 3D-sound experience. The listener can control the 3D sound map with its 3D equalizer, making it possible to achieve the same audio experience regardless of their location in the room. The sound will follow the listener in real time, with the system making corrections for any acoustical changes caused by the layout of or type of materials present in the room. Capable of more than simple playback, it allows the listener to adjust specific frequencies of sounds as well, creating environments that raise alpha wave activity in the brain or contain 1/f noise, for example.

3D data code
Information and Communications / Society / Technology

A holographic data encoding method that allows for larger amounts of data to be sent than previous data processing techniques by adding a z-axis to a traditional 2D barcode. An example of its use would be its inclusion in the license plates on BCP's police cars. There are sensors located at various points around Beyond Coast that read these data codes and can use them to detect a vehicle's location and model, among other data, even during times of electronic interference.