Acronyms / Society

Acronym for Advanced Police. A next-generation police force comprised solely of government Frozeners, capable of operating in areas with extreme conditions where a normal police force could not. Formed by Gates Becker in 2020 as an experimental mobile police unit designed to operate outside the colony. All of its more than 50 current members are Beyonds born and raised on Beyond Coast.

AP carries out international rescue missions in lieu of a military unit, which is forbidden on any colony by the Outer Space Treaty. The gene therapy its members undergo, as well as being fathered using sperm from past astronauts, ensures they posses genotypes well suited to outer space's environment. In addition, they all use artificial blood, which has a higher oxygen transportation efficiency than normal blood, invaluable to them in their frequent work in areas of low oxygen density. They also have intraocular lens implants to prevent vision problems while working in areas with low atmospheric pressure. With the introduction of EMPS, AP's range and mobility have vastly improved, allowing its members to function in a variety of extreme areas.