Freedom II
Outer Space / Society

A joint-project space station built by America, Europe, Japan, and Russia. It is a multiple-use manned facility orbiting the Earth at an average altitude of 249 miles. It is 269-feet long, an average of 407-feet wide, and the combined weight of its 4 modules is over 320 tons. Previous space stations placed heavy emphasis on research purposes, but Freedom II, equipped with a full-scale manufacturing module, manufactures various products that can only be made in space, such as solar cells, amorphous semiconductors, and ultra-transparent glass. It was one of the pioneers of Made in Space development.

Named Freedom II (and not simply Freedom) in respect toward Space Station Freedom, which had a significant impact on space exploration and development even though it was never realized the way it was originally envisioned.

Life Science / Outer Space / Society / Technology

A person created from an artificially fertilized egg held in cryogenic storage by the government, which is then later transferred to a surrogate mother for gestation and delivery. A Frozener's egg is inserted with genetic information that makes the individual better adapted to space's environment and allows them to endure a wide range of activities in space that would give a normal person great difficulty. Since Frozeners are legally in a special class of their own, they are tattooed with an identification code on their forehead. Frozeners are very common on Beyond Coast and are not discriminated against in any way by other Beyonds. Many are employed by the military or work in government positions. Frozeners call the government, who raise them, "Breeders". It is rumored that they are given anti-aging treatment through telomere lengthening.

functional foods
Life Science / Society

A type of food designed to help prevent various adult diseases and diseases associated with obesity, as well as to delay the aging process and regulate the body's functions. Most of the functional foods found on Beyond Coast are for replacing lost calcium. They combine an appealing taste with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain an overall healthy body function.

Products that have met the special standards set on Beyond for functional foods receive the label, "A Recognized Beyond Functional Food".