P300 lie detector
Life Science / Society / Technology

A lie detector designed to analyze P300 brain waves, which are given off when, among other situations, a person recognizes a familiar object. On Earth, the use of this lie detector along with brain imaging techniques such as MRI has become an important form of evidence at legal trials. Science has now unlocked many of the previously unsolved mysteries of the human brain, with lawyers taking a more physiological approach to cases as a result.

pharmaceutical sales representative

A pharmaceutical company employee who tries to convince hospitals and doctors to deal in their company's products. Often called sales reps for short. Part of their job is to promote the company and increase sales, as well as explaining the effects of their products to those who work in the medical industry. Kenzo Hojo is also a sales rep in addition to his other work at Tokugawa Pharmaceuticals. Not only is he personally involved in the development of new drugs, but after a drug is approved, visits hospitals and clinics to try to sell the product.

Picno 8
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The latest model in the Picno series of handheld graphic computers first released by Konami at the end of the 20th century. It is the size of a standard handheld drawing board and works with its own pen. Its built-in solar cell makes it convenient for portable use, and it can connect to a printer for making printouts. Features several drawing modes, from watercolors to oil paints. It offers a Visual Field Screen to allow for stress-free drawing even in large crowds of people, and G Pixel Stability for drawing in zero gravity.

The graphic computer Marc Brown carries around with him is a Picno 8.

* 64-bit bus with custom RISC CPU (including 16 48-bit DSP chips)
* 1536x1152 resolution 48-bit color screen
* Real-time 3D rendering, wireframe modeling, and various imaging effects

pilot disk
Culture and Sports

A trial version of a video game that precedes the release of the full version. Derived from the term "pilot episode", or an episode that serves to launch a television program.

The first pilot disk, made for the PC Engine version of Snatcher in 1992, was also released shortly before the full version. It was produced in limited quantities, making it a collector's item for hardcore fans.

The Policenauts pilot disk for the 3DO is Konami's second pilot disk. More than just a demo of the game, it is an interactive database, containing sketches and designs, behind-the-scenes looks at the game, interviews, and a glossary of the game's technical terminology.

Poggendorff's illusion
Life Science

An optical illusion first described by the German scientist Johan Poggendorff in 1860. He observed that a diagonal line appears disjointed when it is intersected by two parallel lines.

police car

The patrol car used on Beyond Coast by BCP. It produces no exhaust emissions whatsoever, in accordance with the clean energy requirement in place on the colony. It is 6 parts electric-, 4 parts solar-powered, and is also equipped with a linear skirt, which allows it to drive on the linear railway tracks to bypass accidents or traffic jams in an emergency.

The license plates utilize a 3D data code system, the data in which can be read in real time. The car also has its own onboard AI system, making it a smart car, but it allows for manual operation as well, used when pursuing a suspect, for instance. The body is constructed out of a full carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb monocoque chassis.

Outer Space / Society

The group of space police selected to provide security for the people (expected to number in the hundreds of thousands at the time) moving to Beyond Coast during the third wave of immigration in 2013, and also to lay the foundation for a permanent police force on the colony.

Police officers from around the world were recruited for the program in 2010; officers with skill and endurance, who had what it took to become astronauts able to act as a police unit on mankind's first space colony. 5 were chosen out of the initial selection pool and put through 3 years of intense training.

Astronaut Gates Becker, from Scotland Yard in the UK; Astronaut Joseph Sadaoki Tokugawa, from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in Japan; Astronaut Salvatore Toscanini, from the NYPD in the US; and finally, also from the US, Astronauts Jonathan Ingram and Ed Brown, from the LAPD. These men, having become astronauts with police authority, were regarded throughout the world as symbols of peace in outer space. Also known as the Original Cops, they were reminiscent of the Mercury Project's Original Seven, becoming the focus of a global media frenzy; it is said they greatly changed the rather dark image that had surrounded space exploration and development before.

Private Collection
Culture and Sports

A "digital book" on Policenauts, based on the limited edition pilot disk released for the 3DO. A rare item containing additional development materials and loaded with previously unreleased behind-the-scenes information.

Life Science

A type of DDS consisting of a drug in its inactive form that is then converted into its active form in vivo by metabolic processes. By making a drug with particularly severe side effects into a prodrug, any effects to other areas of the body can be reduced. Antedrugs, designed to reach only diseased areas, also use this system.

Outer Space / Society / Technology

Slang for the Tokugawa Group's headquarters on Beyond Coast. Called the Prop because it looks as if it serves as a support pillar for the colony, extending for several dozen miles from one of its surface areas to the opposite window side. A famous tourist spot on Beyond, it is also an important example of modern space architecture. Its central area, a weightless area several miles long, called the Garden, is a frequent topic of discussion in Earth's media. All rooms, including the president's office, its several auditoriums, and employee offices, are outfitted with optical fibers and linked to a satellite communications system, allowing for real-time communication throughout space. It is said the Prop is more similar to Earth than any other place on the colony. The building itself is managed by its own CELESS, so should an accident occur inside the colony, it would still be able to function by itself. This has led some to criticize Tokugawa for having their own personal "shelter" on Beyond.

psychiatric nurse
Life Science

A nurse who offers psychiatric care to patients, particularly those who are terminally ill or undergoing long-term treatment. Psychiatric nurses have proven to be as invaluable as the actual physical treatment in helping patients combat an illness.

Chris Goldwin, BCCH's director, also works as a psychiatric nurse.

Acronyms / Culture and Sports / Information and Communications / Society / Technology

Acronym for personal virtual reality. A virtual reality system designed for home use, consisting of a data suit, visor, computer, and network connection. Numerous types of software can be downloaded.