Outer Space / Society

The group of space police selected to provide security for the people (expected to number in the hundreds of thousands at the time) moving to Beyond Coast during the third wave of immigration in 2013, and also to lay the foundation for a permanent police force on the colony.

Police officers from around the world were recruited for the program in 2010; officers with skill and endurance, who had what it took to become astronauts able to act as a police unit on mankind's first space colony. 5 were chosen out of the initial selection pool and put through 3 years of intense training.

Astronaut Gates Becker, from Scotland Yard in the UK; Astronaut Joseph Sadaoki Tokugawa, from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in Japan; Astronaut Salvatore Toscanini, from the NYPD in the US; and finally, also from the US, Astronauts Jonathan Ingram and Ed Brown, from the LAPD. These men, having become astronauts with police authority, were regarded throughout the world as symbols of peace in outer space. Also known as the Original Cops, they were reminiscent of the Mercury Project's Original Seven, becoming the focus of a global media frenzy; it is said they greatly changed the rather dark image that had surrounded space exploration and development before.