Information and Communications / Technology

The Tokugawa Group's internal network terminal, connected by plastic optical fibers to the Tokugawa Building's supercomputer, Hallelujah. The Tokugawa Network is comprised primarily of all the T-Gear99s in operation.

In order to access the Tokugawa Network, one needs to:

1. Possess a Tokugawa ID card for passing an ID check.

2. Clear a password check. The password check uses a special family crest format said to be extremely difficult for a non-Tokugawa Group employee to pass.

The Tokugawa Network offers such services as:

1. E-mail, file sharing, a BBS, and remote access computing.

2. Multi-function search engines such as SADAOKI, Gopher, and Raptor.

3. People databases such as Whois.

4. A business database containing various business information such as reports and memoranda.

5. Confidential financial services.

Furthermore, data on employees of Tokugawa businesses, as well as the families of employees, can only be obtained via the Tokugawa Network. It is also possible to view information from outside the network through its disc device. The media it uses may look like old-fashioned 12-centimeter CD-ROMs, but they are actually holographic optical discs made out of a germanium-antimony-tellurium alloy. One disc boasts 5.12 terabytes of storage space, with the data read not by a laser, but by charging a needle containing an atomic force microscope with a 0.5 volt electric pulse. Combining this type of archaic media format with the latest in super-high density memory technology virtually eliminates the chances of an information leak, should a disc fall outside company hands. Almost all confidential information distributed inside the Tokugawa Group is recorded on this type of disc.

For security purposes, the T-Gear99 is not made available to the public.