Tokugawa Hills

An exclusive residential district originally set up by a Japanese electronics firm. The firm constructed a number of company residences there shortly after Beyond Coast was completed. Tokugawa later bought the land from the electronics firm, and it now houses Tokugawa employees. Located in the middle of B Sector at the far end of the colony, which is also the area with the most expensive land prices, it lies on top of a section of hollowed-out ground, positioning it slightly higher up than the surrounding areas and giving it the best view of any area on the colony. Furthermore, this area is considered safer than other areas because it is located furthest away from the colony's mirrors. Buildings here are also allowed to employ, to a certain extent, different layouts and modifications, as well as house their own plants, even without the expressed permission of the Beyond Coast Architectural Committee. Furthermore, select buildings are allowed to use materials from Earth, such as real, untreated lumber, as well.