zero G kit
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A garage kit that has had its parts cast in zero gravity. There are various types of kits available, such as resin, vinyl, and metal. One of its main attractions is the lack of air bubbles or seam lines due to it being cast under weightlessness. It is also capable of preserving the small details that tend to become lost between the mold and cast in 1G.

Furthermore, casting a kit as a whole, previously impossible, keeps the number of parts to a minimum, allowing even beginners to enjoy model assembly. The zero G kit has even been called the savior of the hobby works industry. The techniques used with zero G kits have also been applied to many traditional plastic models.

Zero G Pack
Outer Space / Society

A type of meal pack sold at the Maximum fast food restaurant chain. Its contents are designed to allow for easy consumption in zero gravity. It is nearly identical to the 1G Pack, though the Zero G Pack offers beverages that help replenish calcium and bodily fluids easily lost while in outer space.

zero G rhythmic gymnastics
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A type of rhythmic gymnastics performed under microgravity, first started 40 years ago by an astronaut, also a former rhythmic gymnast, looking for a way to prevent muscle atrophy in zero gravity. There are both timed freestyle events and traditional fixed events using balls, hoops, ribbons, ropes, and clubs, with competitors judged in technical merit, artistic merit, and execution. Apart from the same skills needed in sports such as traditional rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming, competitors also need to focus on maintaining their balance under weightlessness. The sport was once called the "artistic sport for the Space Age", and remains the most popular and unique competitive sport on Beyond Coast, though it is still surrounded by the problem of calcium loss in its child practitioners. The Beyond Coast Athletics Association has established regulations specifying suitable practice times and ages in an attempt to address the issue.

Anna Brown belongs to UCBC's zero G rhythmic gymnastics club.

zero G salon
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A type of salon located at the center of Beyond Coast, in its weightless area, which takes advantage of the effects of zero gravity to preserve the youthfulness and elasticity of a person's skin. The skin is also much less likely to sag and become wrinkled in general in zero gravity. Many of the treatment methods employed were originally devised by female astronauts.

Chris Goldwin goes to a zero G salon.

zero G ward
Life Science / Outer Space

A hospital ward that treats patients in zero gravity. Housing patients with a herniated disc, repetitive strain injury, or myasthenia gravis, for example, in weightlessness, and thus avoiding the stress bones and muscles experience under normal gravity, has offered new ways of treating conditions previously difficult to treat. It is also used for treating people who have become bed-ridden or have experienced total body surface area burns.

Most of the patients housed here are Terrestrials, as problems such as these occur far more frequently in Terrestrials than in Beyonds.