Goddard ゴダード
宇宙活動 / ハイテクノロジー

A mass-produced EMPS model employed by AP. Named after Dr. Robert H. Goddard, hailed as the father of modern rocketry. It uses a large, removable hydrogen engine flight unit and is capable of hover flight within Beyond Coast, able to patrol the entire colony in approximately 30 minutes. It is equipped with various sensors, analyzers, and communication devices, and is outfitted with extremely strong Chobham armor. Furthermore, it can also perform operations and medium-distance flights outside the colony. A parachute is used for landings inside the colony. The actual removal of the flight unit is a one-touch procedure, but a special collection team is required to gather the units after separation. Armed with a 9mm automatic machine gun.

This is the type of EMPS piloted by Tony Redwood.