AID エイド
省略文字 / 情報・通信 / ハイテクノロジー

Acronym for Auto-analysis Identification Device. An analysis device equipped with various sensors such as a spectrograph, a gas chromatograph, and a geotechnical sounder, as well as an AI system. Also contains 3D measuring instruments like optical and atomic probes. Designed to assist with forensic analyses, the increase of which being the direct result of a soaring crime rate. Although it does not possess a complex AI with emotions and a personality, it is capable of compiling case facts, delivering accurate analysis results, making inferences, and drawing its own conclusions. Introduced at the beginning of the 21st century for cost-reduction purposes, it later fell into disuse after all police stations on Earth were joined under one network, and a centralized, large-scale analyzer was developed.

Victor Jurgens uses an AID he brought with him from Earth, containing a simple AI enhanced with a CG face. He has nicknamed it "Gorby", after the last president of the former Soviet Union.

省略文字 / 文化・スポーツ / 宇宙活動 / 社会・生活

Acronym for the Astronauts Memorial Museum. A museum displaying exhibits related to all aspects of space exploration and development, it is divided into 4 main areas – the Coral Hall, the Moon Corner, the Space Corner, and the Beyond Corner. Popular among both tourists and Beyonds, with the Beyond Corner containing exhibits related to the Policenauts and Beyond Coast itself. The table coral placed in the lobby was extracted from the Great Barrier Reef, and is admired by Beyonds as a symbol of the CELESS.

省略文字 / 社会・生活

Acronym for Advanced Police. A next-generation police force comprised solely of government Frozeners, capable of operating in areas with extreme conditions where a normal police force could not. Formed by Gates Becker in 2020 as an experimental mobile police unit designed to operate outside the colony. All of its more than 50 current members are Beyonds born and raised on Beyond Coast.

AP carries out international rescue missions in lieu of a military unit, which is forbidden on any colony by the Outer Space Treaty. The gene therapy its members undergo, as well as being fathered using sperm from past astronauts, ensures they posses genotypes well suited to outer space's environment. In addition, they all use artificial blood, which has a higher oxygen transportation efficiency than normal blood, invaluable to them in their frequent work in areas of low oxygen density. They also have intraocular lens implants to prevent vision problems while working in areas with low atmospheric pressure. With the introduction of EMPS, AP's range and mobility have vastly improved, allowing its members to function in a variety of extreme areas.

省略文字 / 宇宙活動 / 社会・生活

Acronym for American Space Lines. A space travel company that conducts flights between Earth and Beyond Coast, offering direct flights to the colony from cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago. It became famous for being the first company to employ space stewards and stewardesses on its flights. It has also received praise for the way it responds to passengers who experience SAS while onboard. The charming uniforms sported by its staff, which have the added functional benefit of helping to maintain normal circulation in weightlessness, are popular among travelers.

省略文字 / 情報・通信 / 社会・生活

Acronym for Beyond Coast Broadcasting Company. One of the colony's broadcasting organizations, its network covering the whole of Beyond. BBC has frequently been the one breaking new ground in the media over the years. Its information programs in particular, such as News Order and Beyond News, have received both wide praise and high ratings. It broadcasts throughout space via an array of several dozen satellites.

Karen Hojo is a popular news anchor with this station.

省略文字 / ライフサイエンス / 社会・生活

Acronym for Beyond Coast Central Hospital. The largest general hospital on Beyond Coast. Chris Goldwin serves as its director. It employs approximately 800 doctors, divided into 25 departments. It is the most advanced transplant hospital in the world, famous on Earth as well; there are many patients who travel all the way from Earth just to receive treatment there. It has also been designated as the colony's emergency relief hospital, ready to assist in the event of an accident or disaster. The first floor consists of examination rooms, the second floor and above for patient rooms. In addition, it has its own zero G ward located in the center of the colony.

省略文字 / 社会・生活

Acronym for Beyond Coast Police Department. Gates Becker serves as its chief. Developed as the police force to succeed the Policenauts. With the establishment of AP and the use of EMPS, BCP has transformed itself into an organization better adapted to the unique environment of outer space. In addition to its headquarters, it also maintains 20 substations. BCP conducts all police operations on the colony as well as any rescue operations within the vicinity of the colony.

省略文字 / 文化・スポーツ / ライフサイエンス / 宇宙活動 / 社会・生活

Acronym for Closed Ecological Life Support System. The system that regulates the internal environment on space colonies, space bases, and underwater bases, enabling them to function on their own. The structure exists as an independent biosphere, totally unreliant on any outside assistance or intervention to sustain itself.

Beyond Coast supplies all the food its inhabitants need and recycles its energy in accordance with this system.

省略文字 / ライフサイエンス / ハイテクノロジー

Acronym for drug delivery system. A system for delivering drugs that reduces side effects by giving organs and tissue only the necessary amount of a drug, while limiting its distribution to other areas of the body. The delivery systems can be classified as: transdermal, transmucosal, alimentary, and injection. In addition, other drugs such as sustained-release drugs, prodrugs, and antedrugs are also part of the DDS class, as is Tokugawa Pharmaceuticals's K Series.

省略文字 / 宇宙活動

Acronym for ejection escape suit. The heat-resistant ejection spacesuits used during the Policenauts era. Designed for use in an emergency ejection during a spacecraft launch or atmospheric reentry, they were colored orange to differentiate them from the normal blue flight suits used while onboard a spacecraft. The suits the Policenauts wore for their famous commemoration photograph were an evolved version of the EES. The suit boasts an impressive array of functions, but space passengers are now no longer required to wear them following the beginning of civilian spaceplane flights in 2020. Some say this was due to political influence exerted by the ISPA in an attempt to encourage space immigration, and there are those who say this practice ignores aspects of the Outer Space Safety Regulations that should still continue even today. The catchphrase "Casual space travel", coined by the ISPA at the time, is frequently cited as the spark of the space travel boom.

The government, eyeing the increased taxation possibilities that accompany the economic growth spurred on by an expanded space market, remains unsure about how to deal with this backlash.

EMPS エンプス
省略文字 / 宇宙活動 / ハイテクノロジー

Acronym for Extravehicular Mobility Police Suit. A mobile police suit for use both inside and outside space colonies, jointly developed by Tokugawa Heavy Industries and BCP. Originally designed for tasks like preserving order and performing maintenance work outside Beyond Coast. Its bilateral master-slave manipulator allows for an unrestricted seven degrees of freedom, just like the human body, and it also does not contain any singular points. It is a machine with its own sensory feedback, created by combining advanced operations robotics technology with feedback functions applied from VR and teleexistence. Efficient advanced operations are now possible by having a human pilot compensate for a robot's cognizance time lag.

EMPS are equipped with various sensors and communication systems as well as emergency food rations. The Yuri model, piloted by Astronaut Jonathan Ingram during a test space walk, was an early EMPS prototype developed as a successor to devices such as the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) and the Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU). Numerous improvements have since been made by incorporating technology from planetary exploration probes and other advanced operations robots, the results of which include the completion of the Goddard model, the primary EMPS in use by BCP; the Oberth model, an EMPS used for mining on the Moon; and the Von Braun military EMPS prototype.

Tokugawa Heavy Industries currently controls all EMPS development, production, and maintenance.

省略文字 / 宇宙活動 / 社会・生活

Acronym for International Space Promotion Agency. Formed in the 21st century to help advance peaceful space exploration and development, it was set up as Beyond Coast's own space agency in the image of various space agencies on Earth, such as the ESA, NASA, JAXA, the CNES, and the DLR. However, it frequently acts more like a business than a space organization, as it is run mainly from funds donated by the Tokugawa Group. Headquartered on Beyond Coast, with Joseph Sadaoki Tokugawa serving as its director.

省略文字 / 宇宙活動 / ハイテクノロジー

Acronym for Lunar Shuttle Module. A spacecraft that conducts flights between Lunar-orbiting space stations and installations on the Lunar surface.

省略文字 / 社会・生活

Acronym for Old Los Angeles. Present-day Los Angeles is now located to the north of here, the LA of the 20th century. Known to its inhabitants as the "Angel-less City". Its famous 20th century subway system has also been abandoned.

省略文字 / 文化・スポーツ / 情報・通信 / 社会・生活 / ハイテクノロジー

Acronym for personal virtual reality. A virtual reality system designed for home use, consisting of a data suit, visor, computer, and network connection. Numerous types of software can be downloaded.

省略文字 / 文化・スポーツ / 宇宙活動

Acronym for The University of California at Beyond Coast. Famous for its work in the fields of bioethics, space history, and organ transplantation.

Anna Brown attends UCBC, where she majors in bioethics.