ecology terrorists エコロジー・テロリスト

Certain extremist groups in the environmental movement with violent tendencies, motivated by the pollution of space's environment, which has been caused mainly by the accumulation of space debris since mankind first began exploring space. Also known as eco terrorists. Will carry out any imaginable terrorist acts to try to accomplish their objectives; they are known to indiscriminately attack Beyonds visiting Earth, sabotage spaceplanes, destroy space colony facilities, and attack ISPA members and buildings, for example. Some of the larger organizations are the repatriation movement and the group calling itself On The Earth. They have become more active with the start of Beyond Coast's 30th Anniversary Festival.

省略文字 / 宇宙活動

Acronym for ejection escape suit. The heat-resistant ejection spacesuits used during the Policenauts era. Designed for use in an emergency ejection during a spacecraft launch or atmospheric reentry, they were colored orange to differentiate them from the normal blue flight suits used while onboard a spacecraft. The suits the Policenauts wore for their famous commemoration photograph were an evolved version of the EES. The suit boasts an impressive array of functions, but space passengers are now no longer required to wear them following the beginning of civilian spaceplane flights in 2020. Some say this was due to political influence exerted by the ISPA in an attempt to encourage space immigration, and there are those who say this practice ignores aspects of the Outer Space Safety Regulations that should still continue even today. The catchphrase "Casual space travel", coined by the ISPA at the time, is frequently cited as the spark of the space travel boom.

The government, eyeing the increased taxation possibilities that accompany the economic growth spurred on by an expanded space market, remains unsure about how to deal with this backlash.

Elles ƒGƒ‹ƒGƒX
文化・スポーツ / 社会・生活

A handbag company headquartered on Beyond Coast, synonymous with high-quality handbags. They create one design each year, after which they destroy all remaining stock, as well as the models used to make the bags, and create a new design. Elles bags have only a single design sold throughout space each year, which could be cited as the secret behind their popularity. The high price of Elles bags on Earth has led some to come all the way to Beyond just to purchase one. Their production process remains a closely guarded secret, but it is said the company has developed a special technique employing a weightless environment.

EMPS エンプス
省略文字 / 宇宙活動 / ハイテクノロジー

Acronym for Extravehicular Mobility Police Suit. A mobile police suit for use both inside and outside space colonies, jointly developed by Tokugawa Heavy Industries and BCP. Originally designed for tasks like preserving order and performing maintenance work outside Beyond Coast. Its bilateral master-slave manipulator allows for an unrestricted seven degrees of freedom, just like the human body, and it also does not contain any singular points. It is a machine with its own sensory feedback, created by combining advanced operations robotics technology with feedback functions applied from VR and teleexistence. Efficient advanced operations are now possible by having a human pilot compensate for a robot's cognizance time lag.

EMPS are equipped with various sensors and communication systems as well as emergency food rations. The Yuri model, piloted by Astronaut Jonathan Ingram during a test space walk, was an early EMPS prototype developed as a successor to devices such as the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) and the Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU). Numerous improvements have since been made by incorporating technology from planetary exploration probes and other advanced operations robots, the results of which include the completion of the Goddard model, the primary EMPS in use by BCP; the Oberth model, an EMPS used for mining on the Moon; and the Von Braun military EMPS prototype.

Tokugawa Heavy Industries currently controls all EMPS development, production, and maintenance.