省略文字 / 宇宙活動

Acronym for ejection escape suit. The heat-resistant ejection spacesuits used during the Policenauts era. Designed for use in an emergency ejection during a spacecraft launch or atmospheric reentry, they were colored orange to differentiate them from the normal blue flight suits used while onboard a spacecraft. The suits the Policenauts wore for their famous commemoration photograph were an evolved version of the EES. The suit boasts an impressive array of functions, but space passengers are now no longer required to wear them following the beginning of civilian spaceplane flights in 2020. Some say this was due to political influence exerted by the ISPA in an attempt to encourage space immigration, and there are those who say this practice ignores aspects of the Outer Space Safety Regulations that should still continue even today. The catchphrase "Casual space travel", coined by the ISPA at the time, is frequently cited as the spark of the space travel boom.

The government, eyeing the increased taxation possibilities that accompany the economic growth spurred on by an expanded space market, remains unsure about how to deal with this backlash.