G biology 重力生物学
ライフサイエンス / 宇宙活動

A newly developed area of space life science. All organisms that have evolved on Earth are influenced by its gravity; this field of science attempts to crack the various mysteries of life by examining the functional relationships between gravity and organisms.

Goddard ゴダード
宇宙活動 / ハイテクノロジー

A mass-produced EMPS model employed by AP. Named after Dr. Robert H. Goddard, hailed as the father of modern rocketry. It uses a large, removable hydrogen engine flight unit and is capable of hover flight within Beyond Coast, able to patrol the entire colony in approximately 30 minutes. It is equipped with various sensors, analyzers, and communication devices, and is outfitted with extremely strong Chobham armor. Furthermore, it can also perform operations and medium-distance flights outside the colony. A parachute is used for landings inside the colony. The actual removal of the flight unit is a one-touch procedure, but a special collection team is required to gather the units after separation. Armed with a 9mm automatic machine gun.

This is the type of EMPS piloted by Tony Redwood.

grunge metal グランジ・ロタル
文化・スポーツ / 社会・生活

A new music trend that has emerged on Beyond Coast in 2040, said to have been created by musicians trying to add a sense of the carefree decadence found on Earth into progressive metal, which was itself a revival of some of the styles found in the 20th century. Popular mainly among the younger generation of Beyonds. More than just music, the rugged look of the artists' clothing has obtained popularity as a "Home fashion". Beyonds find the loose nature of grunge metal's clothing a fresh change compared to the strict dress code they were made to follow growing up.

Before the emergence of grunge metal, most popular music consisted of high-frequency instrumental songs, but now vocal songs and big band-style music have made a comeback after a 10-year absence. Many lyrics of grunge metal songs talk about Earth's nature, people, and love, contrary to the political themes featured in other recent music. It is often played at repatriatist gatherings. Some of the more famous bands include Small Marcy and The Vocal Cowboys.

This is Dave Forrest's favorite genre of music.