Lagrangian points ラグランジュ・ポイント

Five geometric positions in outer space where an object can theoretically maintain a stable orbit due to the gravitational forces of two larger objects, namely planet-moon systems and star-planet systems. Calculated by the Italian-French mathematician Joseph Louis Lagrange in 1772 and designated L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5, they are said to be the ideal locations for setting up large-scale man-made installations near Earth. The first 3 points are not considered stable enough for a space colony, so all valuable real estate in space is centered around points L4 and L5. Beyond Coast is located in an orbit around L5, as it was discovered in 1968 through a mathematical calculation that a colony could not be placed directly at L4 or L5, but would need to be in an orbit around it.

lift gun リフト・ガン
宇宙活動 / 社会・生活 / ハイテクノロジー

A gun, created to be usable in weightlessness, which produces no recoil. The moment a bullet leaves the gun's muzzle there is a second explosion, with the bullet acting like a missile, thus preventing any noticeable recoil from occurring. Named after the phrase "lift off", in reference to the first stage of a rocket launch. Almost all guns used in outer space are now lift guns. It has become popular among criminals as the "untraceable gun", since it leaves no rifling mark on its bullets, nor does it expel cartridges. The barrel of a lift gun also serves little purpose, as the primary explosion takes place immediately outside the gun. In order to compensate for the jolt this causes, a lift gun allows the user to lock onto a target with its laser sight. The decreased importance of the barrel has made it possible to reduce the size of the gun considerably.

They are also favored by female police officers who do not like the smell of gunpowder, synonymous with recoil guns, since lift guns produce little smoke when fired. The cost of just one bullet, also known as a missile round, still remains quite high, but some say this has helped enforce the system of total gun control in place on Beyond Coast.

All guns used by BCP are lift guns.

linear elevator リニア・エレベーター
社会・生活 / ハイテクノロジー

An elevator that moves its cars by using a linear motor to raise and lower balance weights. It does not require a hoist mechanism or hydraulic device like traditional elevators, reducing the amount of required space as well as offering lower energy consumption, faster movement, a more comfortable ride, and more accurate stops between car and floor doors. Can be found in places such as the Tokugawa Building.

linear railway ƒŠƒjƒAEƒŒ[ƒ‹
社会・生活 / ハイテクノロジー

The magnetically levitated high-speed intelligent railway system, the only mass transportation system on Beyond Coast. Also known as the linear rail. Has a top speed of 311 miles per hour. It uses smart railcars driven by linear motors, capable of real-time status monitoring via a series of actuators, as well as automatic navigation adjustment. There are 2 types of railway lines on Beyond – the Oval Lines and the Circle Lines. The Oval Lines travel around each of the colony's 3 surface areas, while the Circle Lines move between the 3 surface areas. Since its trains do not make contact with the ground, they produce little noise or vibration, making it the ideal transportation system for a space colony.

linear skirt ƒŠƒjƒAEƒXƒJ[ƒg

A propulsion device attached to the underside of all police cars that allows the cars to drive on linear railway tracks. It is part of a bimodal system, letting police officers use the tracks to bypass accidents or traffic jams in an emergency. However, this is only permitted in the event of an absolute emergency, due to the wear this causes to the tracks. Other vehicles such as ambulances and linear railway maintenance cars are also equipped with a linear skirt.

省略文字 / 宇宙活動 / ハイテクノロジー

Acronym for Lunar Shuttle Module. A spacecraft that conducts flights between Lunar-orbiting space stations and installations on the Lunar surface.

Lucas World ƒ‹[ƒJƒXEƒ[ƒ‹ƒh
文化・スポーツ / 社会・生活

A theme park based around a Hollywood filmmaker. Its more popular attractions are the ones incorporating 20th century movies and VR. Several dozen such parks can be found across the world, from America to Europe and beyond.

There is also a smaller version of the park, called Lucas Land, located in Neo Kobe City, Japan.