Moon Treaty ŒŽ‹¦’è
宇宙活動 / 社会・生活

An agreement opened for signature in the United Nations General Assembly on December 18th, 1979, declaring that the Moon, along with the rest of outer space, is to be used only for peaceful purposes. It also states that the Moon, other celestial bodies, and their natural resources are the shared property of all mankind. Its official name is The Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies. Among other declarations, it strictly prohibits the construction of military bases and facilities, military exercises, weapons testing, and the use of physical force upon, or threats toward, any celestial body. America and Japan were originally non-signatories, but later joined the agreement in the 21st century when Moon development restarted. Nearly every country active in space exploration and development today is a signatory of this agreement.