radio-controlled watch “d”gƒEƒHƒbƒ`
情報・通信 / ハイテクノロジー

A wristwatch that automatically makes daily corrections to its displayed time via an ultra-sensitive miniature antenna that receives a radio signal from an atomic clock containing the correct time. Its time base will fluctuate by only 1 second every 10,000 years. If it cannot obtain a radio signal, it will automatically switch over to a built-in sensor that will make any necessary adjustments to the time. Found mainly on Earth. It is rarely used in space, where the constant bombardment of cosmic rays interferes with its reception.

This is the type of watch Jonathan Ingram received from Lorraine.

Rebirther ƒŠƒo[ƒT[
ライフサイエンス / 社会・生活 / ハイテクノロジー

A type of cloned human created from the DNA of a famous historical figure such as an actor or model. The law prohibits anyone from "Rebirthing" a person until 20 years after the person's death. Although they are genetically identical, a Rebirther is not regarded as the same person as the one that originally existed. The law now requires that Rebirthers be differentiated from the original person by placing identification tags on the Rebirther's chromosomes.

In reality Rebirthers are not very common, though some can be found within the Tokugawa Group. Such individuals are legally regarded as members of the Tokugawa family.

recipient ƒŠƒVƒsƒGƒ“ƒg
ライフサイエンス / 社会・生活

A person who receives an organ or tissue from a donor. The incidence of diseases and organ abnormalities caused by the harsh environment of outer space is increasing rapidly, with the number of people waiting for healthy organs and/or tissue rising proportionately.

recoil gun ƒŠƒRƒCƒ‹EƒKƒ“

A gun utilizing gunpowder bullets and either a blowback, recoil, gas, or gatling operating system. Once used extensively on Earth, these guns are now collectively known as recoil guns, because if fired in zero gravity, the recoil propels the user backwards. This type of gun has fallen out of use as space development has progressed, as the recoil it produces cannot be suppressed in zero gravity. Furthermore, as recoil guns leave a rifling on the bullets they fire, they have become unpopular among criminals. It is said that the only people who still buy them are collectors. The production of gunpowder bullets, used exclusively with recoil guns, has also become quite limited, and, like bent cigarettes, they are only available through special order.

Jonathan Ingram's Beretta 92F would be classified as a recoil gun.

reinforced lumber –³‹@•¡‡‰»–؍Þ
宇宙活動 / 社会・生活 / ハイテクノロジー

A type of wood made by soaking dampened wood in a barium chloride solution, followed by an ammonium chloride solution. The result is a wood that does not burn or rot, perfect for use in construction. Almost all of the non-synthesized lumber used on Beyond Coast is reinforced lumber. The use of real, untreated lumber on Beyond is prohibited by the colony's Architectural Regulations.

remote ticket ”ñÚGƒLƒbƒv
情報・通信 / 社会・生活 / ハイテクノロジー

A ticket card containing an IC chip with a radio wave transmitter that allows a person to pass through a ticket gate at a linear railway station without having to insert the ticket into a machine. A card reader can read the ticket even while inside a person's pocket or handbag, at the same time recording where the person entered and exited the train system.

All BCP police badges are compatible with this system, allowing officers to freely move about the colony.

repatriation movement ’n‹…‚Ö‹A‚낤‰^“®
宇宙活動 / 社会・生活

One of the anti-space movements, having sprung up around 2030. This extremist movement strongly advocates the immediate cessation of all space exploration and development, saying mankind should return to Earth. They argue that human beings were never meant to leave Earth. They have since become associated with other ecology groups on space colonies and have fast developed a sizable following. They originally attempted to address space's pollution problem through legitimate means, but following the beginning of their involvement with various ecology terrorists, many members of the movement have resorted to acts of terrorism to try to accomplish their objectives.

Someone who supports this movement is called a repatriatist.

repatriatist ƒŠ[ƒyƒCƒgƒŠƒGƒBƒeƒBƒXƒg
宇宙活動 / 社会・生活

A person who supports the repatriation movement.

Return Syndrome ƒVƒƒƒgƒ‹ÇŒóŒQ
ライフサイエンス / 宇宙活動 / 社会・生活

A syndrome characterized by the desire to return to Earth. Is frequently seen among middle-aged Terrestrials living on Beyond Coast. Almost all missing person cases on Beyond are instances of Return Syndrome. The exact cause remains unclear, but it is only reported among Beyonds who lived on Earth when they were younger, particularly those who took part in the first or second wave of immigration. Some have speculated it might be caused by the constant stress that comes with living in space, with the individual developing an extreme version of homesickness. Many people who have experienced Return Syndrome later said they became filled with the sudden urge to return to Earth, or "return Home", in their words, and immediately boarded the next available flight for Earth without even so much as informing their family.

ruthenium tetroxide fingerprint identification method ƒ‹ƒeƒjƒEƒ€–@

A fingerprint identification method employing ruthenium, a metallic element from the platinum group. Different from the ninhydrin method, which utilizes the ninhydrin reaction, the ruthenium tetroxide method can produce clean fingerprints from an area simply by exposing it to a reagent gas for 2 minutes.