1996  Mars 96 carries out an extensive survey of Mars.
1997  Man "returns" to the Moon with a Lunar rover program.
1998  The International Space Station is launched.
  The Lunar Observer program begins.
1999  Space tours begin.
  Construction begins on the Hokkaido Space Center.
2000  The first Lunar-orbiting space station is completed.
  The widespread adoption of solar energy begins through the Satellite Power System.
2001  An agreement is reached on all future space colony development.
  Work is completed on the Space Highway, a network of machines used for transporting goods through space.
2002  Work is completed on the first unmanned Lunar factory.
  Flights between the Moon and space stations begin.
2003  Work is completed on the spaceplane.
  The first space hotel opens.
2004  Work is completed on the first manned Lunar base, designed to house six people.
  Japan begins construction on its first space station.
2005  Construction begins on the first permanent Lunar base, designed to house 30 people.
  Work is completed on an experimental space colony construction facility.
2006  The first Lunar spaceport and an experimental Lunar minerals processing factory are set up.
  Lunar tours begin.
  A space colony construction block is completed near Lagrangian point L5.
2007  Construction begins on a Lunar mass driver.
  Full-scale space colony construction begins.
2009  Plans are laid for constructing a commemorative museum called Tranquil Sea on the Moon.
2010  Basic construction on the first space colony, Beyond Coast, is completed.
  First wave of immigration to Beyond Coast.
  Police officers are recruited for the Policenauts program.
2011  The Policenauts are selected and begin their training.
  Second wave of immigration to Beyond Coast.
2012  The first manned mission to Mars departs Earth.
  Final construction on Beyond Coast, including its agricultural ring, is completed.
2013  The astronauts of the Mars mission land successfully on the planet and return to Earth.
  Third wave of immigration to Beyond Coast.
  The Policenauts take up their posts on Beyond Coast.
  Policenaut Jonathan Ingram disappears into space after an accident with the Yuri EMPS prototype.
2014  A series of additional Lunar bases is constructed, including the completion of the first oxygen production factory.
  The search for Jonathan Ingram is called off.
2016  The Policenauts are disbanded, with Beyond Coast Police taking over security on Beyond Coast.
2017  The first unmanned Martian base is completed.
2018  A series of probes land on Jupiter's Galilean satellites.
  EMPS development restarts following a hiatus since the Yuri accident.
2019  An experimental torus facility is completed at Lagrangian point L4.
2020  Beyond Coast, celebrating its 10th anniversary, meets its population forecast.
  Joseph Sadaoki Tokugawa leaves Beyond Coast Police and takes over as head of the Tokugawa Group.
2022  Work begins on the first manned Martian base.
2023  The first Martian spaceport is completed.
2025  Salvatore Toscanini leaves Beyond Coast Police.
2028  Work is completed on the first double-level torus space colony.
2029  Experimentation with the micro hydrogen engine begins.
2030  Work is completed on the Tokugawa Moon Plant.
  Beyond Coast celebrates its 20th anniversary.
2031  A SETI parabolic antenna array is set up on the far side of the Moon.
2032  Beyond Coast Police forms its Advanced Police Unit.
  The unmanned exploration vessel Propaganda departs Earth.
2033  Beyond Coast Police begins experimenting with the use of EMPS in its duties.
2034  Development begins on the first deep-space spaceship.
2035  Beyond Coast Police fully adopts the use of EMPS.
2036  Work is completed on the first four-level torus space colony.
2038  Jonathan Ingram is rescued and returns to Earth.
2040  Beyond Coast celebrates its 30th anniversary.
  The first manned mission to Jupiter departs Earth.
  Construction begins on the first Lunar CELESS city.