Yuri accident
Outer Space / Society

The accident that occurred with the Yuri EMPS prototype in 2013 during a test space walk. This unit was to be used by the Policenauts outside the colony. The unit underwent a malfunction in its vernier rockets, causing it to lose control and disappear out into space. There was a particularly strong solar wind blowing at the time, which resulted in a temporary communications blackout and the delay of the rescue operation.

The test was being broadcast live around the world, with the accident dealing a shock greater than that of even the Challenger disaster. This "second space shock" set EMPS development back 5 years. The Yuri was connected to a survival ball, which had a built-in cold sleep module, but because an SOS signal could not be detected, it had been thought that all hope was lost for its test pilot, Astronaut Jonathan Ingram.