semi-hard spacesuit
Outer Space / Technology

A fifth-generation extravehicular spacesuit put into use after the turn of the century. Developed to overcome the previously existing problems with soft suits, such as the long depressurization time and extra ventilation equipment required. By making parts of a spacesuit hard, it is possible to maintain the internal pressure of the suit at 55.2 kilopascals, which prevents the wearer from developing decompression sickness. The suit also allows for more freedom of movement by using soft carbon fiber resin and urethane resin in selected parts like the arms, legs, and boots. This has helped scientists reduce the weight of the suit considerably, which is only 77 pounds under 1G. The inside of the helmet also contains a heads-up display, an eye-point sensor, a VRE camera, a communicator, and a drinking tube connected to a water supply.

Hard spacesuits, which are 100% hard, are employed on Mars and other extreme areas, but all other extravehicular spacesuits, including those worn on the Moon, have become semi-hard suits. The suit became famous after it was placed on the Policenauts crest in 2013.