1994 Policenauts NEC PC9821 1995 3DO Policenauts Pilot Disk 1995 3DO Policenauts 1995 3DO Policenauts Mouse Set 1996 Playstation Policenauts Private Collection 1996 Playstation Policenauts 1996 Sega Saturn Policenauts Limited Edition 1998 Policenauts Trading Cards 1998 Snatcher >> Policenauts a.k.a. Kojima Black KICA-7888 2003 Policenauts (PSOne Books Edition) 1995 Policenauts OST KICA-7653 Policenauts F/N  KICA-7724 (LC179) 1996 MIDI Power Pro 3 Policenauts KICA-7729 (LC182) Policenauts Official Visual Data Book NTT Policenauts Konami Official Guide Futaba Policenauts Konami Official Guide (Sega Saturn)


Policenauts is an incredible game directed by Kojima Hideo and realized by Konami. Unfortunately all versions of this game are only available in it's original Japanese language, although it is commonly believed that the game was planned from the beginning to have an English version and that it was cancelled.

Private Colelction Image The game features digitized anime and stills achieving what was called in it's trailers as "The next generation of Snatcher". Adding to the genre it achieves a richer interface by using a cursor to select items displayed on screen (in some versions aided by a mouse) and more dynamic shooting sequences that are not limited to a 3x3 grid. The Sega Saturn version even has gun support, being the last version that was released of the game.

The detail, depth of story, character definition, visuals that include Computer Graphics incredibly advanced for it's time and an impressive soundtrack have made hundreds of fans desire a translated version, and those that have played it cherish it as one of the greatest pieces of interactive digital art created. Kojima has demonstrated through multiple references in Metal Gear Solid that this is one of his favorite creations, for instance the small piece of music played during the Konami logo in Metal Gear Solid is from this game; Meryl first appeared on this title; the Marine's computer OS in Metal Gear Solid 2 tanker scene was created by Tokugawa; the video shown while Otacon speaks about anime and the posters hanging from the wall (replaced by Anubis references in the Twin Snakes version); some card board boxes in MGS 2; the EMPS in Zone of the Enders and even a poster in MGS2 to name the ones I know about.

But the most important evidence that this is a game that Kojima really appreciates, is simply that he has been involved as director in every single version and port of the game, unlike Snatcher and Metal Gear.

I have been working on dumping the text, hope to have you positive news in the near future. Please visit the Policenauts translation page if you want to help or simply follow the progress.

I am grateful to James from Shadow Moses for helping me acquire some of the rarest pieces in this set. If you want in-depth information about Policenauts such as character information and general data you won't find elsewhere, do yourself a favor and visit the Beyond Coast Policenauts Museum. You might also want to visit the Policenauts message board at the Kojima forums.

Policenauts Versions

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1994NEC PC9821 Policenauts
19953DO Policenauts Pilot Disk
19953DO Policenauts
19953DO Policenauts Mouse Set
1996Playstation Policenauts
1996Playstation Policenauts Private Collection
1996Sega Saturn Policenauts Limited Edition
1997Playstation Policenauts (Playstation The Best Edition)
SLPM-86048~9Japan 09/18/1997
2003Playstation Policenauts (PSOne Books Edition)
SLPM-87290~1Japan 08/07/2003


1995Policenauts OST
ポリスノーツ OST
1996Policenauts F/N
ポリスノーツ 古川もとあき&並木晃一
KICA-7724 (LC179)01/11/1996By Motoaki Furukawa & Koichi Namiki
1996MIDI Power Pro 3 Policenauts
ミディパワープロ3 ~ポリスノーツ~
KICA-7729 (LC182)21/11/1996
1998Snatcher >> Policenauts a.k.a. Kojima Black
小島秀夫監督作品 音楽集 黒盤


Policenauts Trailers taken from the private collection disc


19953D0 Policenauts Telephone CardWorth 50 call units, to get one of these they held a competition with the shooting trainer in the game and gave them out to anyone who got over 50 points.
1998Policenauts Konami Collection Card (Trading Cards)
ポリスノーツ コナミコレクションカード
Full Set


1996Policenauts Official Visual Data Book
1996Futaba Policenauts Konami Official Guide (Sega Saturn)
1996NTT Policenauts Konami Official Guide (Sega Saturn)

Related Soundtracks

1995Winbee Neo Cinema Club 3 ~Tokimeki~
ウインビーのネオシネマ倶楽部3~ときめき編, アレンジ
KICA-7674Track ListContains a version of "Lavander"
Track 3

Related Games

Metal Gear SolidFrom the tune in the Konami logo to Meryl, including the video while Otacon describes his interests.
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sond of LibertyThere are several small references to Policenauts. Cardboxes, OS branding, posters, etc.
Zone of The EndersThe EMPS
Metal Gear Ac!dIncludes 4 cards with characters

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